Beatrice COMAN’s “Sixty-Nine”

Béatrice Coman presents her new collection of poems entitled "Soixante-Neuf". This young Guadeloupean woman has been attracted to poetry since her teenage years. She participates in several poetry competitions in Creole and French. She gets different awards. In 2008, she published her first collection entitled "The Caribbean". It offers readers a journey through her thoughts, a crossbreeding between the sweetness of her archipelago, her view of society and love. "Sixty-nine" His new collection is composed of 69 poems, it focuses on the theme of early emotions, love feelings and carnal perceptions where everyone will find themselves. Enriched sparingly by pinches from Guadeloupe and the Caribbean, each poem tells a story where women and men, whose emotions are usually secret, gradually discover each other... Excerpt "Absence" As soon as you're a thousand miles from me, everything becomes a nightmare. The sky of my life darkens, even becomes stormy With you everything seems to be magical, I'd think I was a joker. You guide my steps, give me wings and I take off (…) In your arms, I feel reassured, forgetting even the things they will say about it Since you make me cross the paths of life in a magical way Wherever you are, know that I love you, thank you for being such a beautiful person.

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