motorcycle trip

What is a motorcycle trip planner?

A motorcycle trip planner is a great tool to use when planning your next motorcycle trip. This tool allows you to input your starting point,…

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excess protection cover

What is excess protection cover?

If you’re looking for protection against the unexpected, excess protection cover could be for you. This type of insurance covers you for things like medical…

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Business Data

How effective managers use information systems

Managers are now using systems to make and implement decisions due to the advancement of computer-based information. These differ significantly from standard electronics data processing…

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National Council of Resistance of Iran

Who leads the National Council of Resistance of Iran?

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is a political organization of Iran based in France. It was formed to help end the religious…

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News and useful information for farmers: how to sell your maize

Maize is a tropical herbaceous plant belonging to the Poaceae family. It grows all year round. Mexicans were the first farmers of these grains until…

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Cynthia PHIBEL “One Night, One Work”

Born in 1979, in Abymes, Guadeloupe. Doctoral student in Art History, and artist. She received the prize from the gallery La Filature in 2003 in…

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