Cynthia PHIBEL “One Night, One Work”

Born in 1979, in Abymes, Guadeloupe. Doctoral student in Art History, and artist. She received the prize from the gallery La Filature in 2003 in Mulhouse and exhibited in the West Indies, France, Geneva, New York, Benin, Cameroon at the gallery Béatrice Binoche in Reunion Island and recently at the Orangerie du Sénat as part of the group exhibition OMA. She also directs Atelier 22 where she is responsible for the programming of artists in a multidisciplinary dynamic, in this context she has set up the project "One night, one work". President of the artists' association Le Bloc Opératoire, she and her brother Audrey Cédric Phibel set up the DOMTOM PROCESS project base, the latter signing the concept. Since June, DOMTOM PROCESS has been developing ROAD TO MUSIC and directing the artistic programming. It is a Rencontre, inviting artists for a concert evening. "Designed in the image of a journey, the programme offers round trips, like so many symbolic journeys from the West Indies -Guadeloupe- where it was born to the various countries of the invited artists". The first meeting took place on June 23rd, 2011 at La Bellevilloise under the sponsorship of Dédé Saint Prix and with the opening act The Keepers of Ka. And for the second part, September 29, 2011, "Road to music" has sketched out beautiful dreams, beautiful energies, magical flights with Gasandji in the first part, a voice that whispers like the wind of songs of a disturbing depth. Gasandji means "one who awakens consciences". She transports us by the sacred dimension of her music: African jazzy-soul atmosphere! Karlos Rotsen Quartet offers us a "Tribute to Mona", a beautiful story and a beautiful tribute to Eugène Mona. High points for sure with his guests: Will Azaan, Kennenga, Aida Khann, Säb Poetry and Nèg Lyrical... A third meeting took place on December 1st with Amethys////Corinne Pierre-Fanfan & Marco HumanMusician who draws their own Métis landscape, Creole soul at the beginning of the evening then we will go on a trip! Destination the Congolese lands with Pytshens Kambilo. Guest: Jimmy Desvarieux, Patrice Hulman, Freepon, Miss Wonder. Today DOMTOM PROCESS exists thanks to a team of volunteer professionals, but it presents itself as a real work laboratory with its artistic direction, a Partnerships Manager Audrey Phibel, a Graphic Line Manager Erik Madelaine, a Press Officer Sarah-Aude Salbot, a Video Image Manager Florian Rouzaud Cortebas. It is also artistic encounters, collaborations including the whole month of March with Nèfta Poetry, ambassador of the festival "Cri de femme" to which they join their forces. In Paris the festival starts with the plural "Cri de femmes".... with many dates from March 7 at Atelier 22 with a conference led by Agora Culture (see the program). A whole program the fourth edition of ROAD TO MUSIC which gives place to women on March 8 at Bellevilloise**! Many artists, many projects like so many stops, so many trips, so many real places filled with imaginations as in the dreams of Cynthia Phibel who conceives life as a landscape made of traces, unpredictable beauties, unexpected encounters but she does not believe in chance but process...

One night, One work

This project is born from the desire to stimulate an encounter with the current field of young creation and support emerging artists in the field of art. After leaving art schools or any other course, here is an appointment with artists who are part of the multidisciplinary nature of plastic practices. Alone or in dialogue with other artists, each in his proposal agrees to question, present his research in the form of a work. Whatever its implementation: hanging, installation, projection, reading... this meeting is designed for a given space; my workshop located 22 rue du Pré Saint Gervais in Pantin. This intervention in the workshop inevitably raises the question of the place and leads to a reflection on the demonstration device. The visibility of the work must consider the space of the shown as a non-neutral space, since the workshop is subject to the daily life of those who occupy it, to their passage, their traces that charge the space. How a work that is new each time, the time of another gesture, another look, another thought, the time of a night can come to be inscribed on it and make sense. This project calls on the living, the sensitive, inviting the artist or group of artists to change their own practice and habit in a place not formatted for an exhibition as we understand it in dedicated places. The artists thus expose themselves to the possible.... And, the question of the Encounter takes on its full meaning, in this space where an almost intimate bond is forged with the work. With the project "Aujourd'hui c'est performance", set up and directed by Audrey Phibel.
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