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In the context of the recent labour market, it has been noted that many workers from other European Union countries have been sent to France for temporary assignments. Among other things, their employer in their home country has mandated them to carry out specific routine work for a limited period under the conditions of the host country. These categories of foreign workers have been referred to as "posted workers".

What are the benefits of working on a secondment?

Indeed, it turns out that when companies notice a significant shortage of local labour, they are obliged to call on the help of posted workers to provide them with services in a specific field. In principle, the recruitment of these types of staff who have special status about the regulations in force in the host country will be carried out through a specialised agency such as the temporary agency in Romania. In this guideline, the Agency shall make available to undertakings which so request a list of posted workers from their home employer. For more information, visit the temporary employment agency in Romania.

A posted worker is a qualified person

At present, workers posted to Europe are gradually increasing to more than 2 million. Most of these seconded employees come mainly from countries bordering French territory such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and many others such as Romania. However, it is well known that it is the Poles who hold the first nationality who provide the largest number of workers in France. On the other hand, French seconded employees are sent to many neighbouring countries, such as Belgium, Germany or Spain and Italy. In practice, the skills of these posted workers are no longer questioned during their recruitment for the simple reason that it is the temporary employment agency in Romania that has been responsible for finding the required profile among so many offers. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know that it is the building and public works sector that employs many workers in secondment situations before the industrial sector and temporary work.

The advantages of using a temporary employment agency

For workers, the intervention of an employment agency makes it easier to find a job. Indeed, thanks to the importance of the network of regional offices that work in close collaboration with each other, the agency offers a great opportunity that cannot be ignored in this respect. It is a matter of registering with this professional establishment with all the necessary formalities and waiting patiently for the outcome of the application. The same is true for companies looking for temporary workers for short-term assignments. Many choices are available based on the profiles of workers and, even more so, this method of recruitment is, to some extent, part of the strategic plans of the companies of the day.
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