Means of transport most used by the French

Nowadays, the car is the most popular mode of transport for the French, this is far ahead of the others. Every day, on average, 79% of French people prefer to use the car for their trips, this figure varies according to the region. In this article, you will discover what the French think about transport.

Testimony of satisfaction for public transport.

Admittedly, the French prefer cars in their daily journeys; however, they remain open to other options. Nowadays, the French are also interested in the 100% electric car. As for their preference for the autonomous car, which is still in its infancy, surveys show that in the future, more than 50% of French people are ready to use it. It should also be noted that carpooling is one of their preferences. It is the use of the same vehicle by several individuals who regularly make the same trip. As for public transport, this plays an important role in the fight against global warming or in reducing our environmental footprint. The use of the metro and TGV is so popular and collects the satisfaction of users. The regional trains are a little behind. More than 60% of French people think that public transport is expensive. In some regions, this rate drops to 50%.

Idea on the travel habits of the French.

First, car use ranks first among the preferred means of transport of 89% of French people, followed closely, in third and fourth place, respectively by rail public transport (59%) and road public transport (55%) such as buses or coaches. According to statistics, 48% of French people use their private cars daily, more than 20% two to three times a week and 10% only once a week. Then, walking is in second place with a rate of 85%. That said, about this second travel habit, be aware that 34% walk daily, compared to 23% two to three times a week.

The emergence of new transport habits.

Nowadays, apart from travel habits such as the car... know that new modes of transport are emerging and are becoming more and more interesting to the French. We are talking, given their preference, about carpooling and car-sharing.
What are the advantages of car rental?

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