Who are the great chefs?

In the field of gastronomy or in terms of great chefs, France is one of the best. While reading this article, you will discover the portraits of these chefs who revolutionized French and world cuisine and starred in the Michelin 2018 guide!

The portrait of two great French chefs.

First, we are talking about Paul Bocuse, nicknamed the cook of the century, the pope of gastronomy or the chef of the century. He is one of the most renowned chefs in the world, and as the person who paved the way for new ideas on topics that affect the new kitchen. At the age of 53, he won all three stars in the Michelin guide. Then, the second great French chef is Anne-Sophie Pic. This woman, both mistress and chef, is one of the most starred women in the world; since 2007, she has been awarded three Michelin stars and seven Michelin stars.

French chefs starred at Michelin 2018.

It was on Monday, February 5, that the prestigious Michelin Guide unveiled its selection of starred chefs for 2018. First, Maxime Nouail, the owner of the Rochevilaine estate in Billiers, receives his title of starred chef through his modern and creative cuisine with dishes such as savoured seafood, fish covered in the foam of the tide... Then, Thierry Seychelles, the chef of Le Roscanvec in Vannes, interviews his star that he obtained four years ago. Its fine cuisine cultivates respect for flavours and the use of spices. Between Vincent David and the Michelin, it's a beautiful and long love story. In 2010, he was awarded a star for the first time, when he attended Le Pressoir in Saint-Avé. Then, he left to train for 20 years with the great chefs of French gastronomy. He became a chef in Haute-Savoie and quickly earned a Michelin star. He will retain this last title for six years. All that said, Baptiste Denieul, the chef of the Tiegezh inn in Guer, is the young starred chef of France! He works with mastery and delicacy, fish, vegetables and farm produce and welcomes his customers to this establishment in Guer, in a refined and elegant interior, just like his cuisine!

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