Wildlife health for a safe world

In Africa, some illegal practices are aimed at hunting certain animal species in their natural habitat. If such an act is legalized, it can bring added value to the wildlife field. However, for a safe world, we need a healthy wildlife. Read this article for more information.

What is wildlife?

This term refers to all animal species living in a geographical area or ecosystem. This excludes the notion concerning man, i.e. it is only part of the animal kingdoms. It is particularly relevant to the survival of plant species. Another term often used is biodiversity. It brings together both fauna and flora. In fact, it is considered as the set of different forms of living beings such as animals, plants, microorganisms in environments. These environments constitute spaces in which these different forms live and multiply.

Healthy wildlife: an essential factor for a safe world!

According to statistics, five new human infectious diseases are emerging annually worldwide. According to these statistics, animals transmit three of these diseases, including through wildlife. It is in this perspective that the OIE or the World Organisation for Animal Health attaches importance to the good health of wild animal populations. Therefore, to protect wildlife, it would also be necessary to set up prevention and detection of wildlife diseases. An epidemic constitutes a risk of reducing the number or even extinguishing already threatened species. To improve animal health and welfare, the OIE is implementing actions to assist the 180 member countries to reduce the impact of diseases on wildlife populations. In practice, this assistance is provided through international health standards. It encourages members to strengthen veterinary services for better protection of animal health and welfare, including wildlife aspects. This organization is also the guarantor of the transparency of animal disease issues through the WAHIS-Wild global system. This web interface collects and disseminates information on diseases that affect wild animals. In May 2015, at the end of its sixth strategic plan, the OIE reaffirmed its commitment in a firm way to protect wildlife!
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