Classic English chairs: choose a real Chesterfield model

Created at the end of the 18th century, the Chesterfield sofa takes its name from Lord Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. Meticulous in nature, he designed the sketch of the first Chesterfield sofa with a specific model. Indeed, anxious to assert his noble nature, he called upon a local craftsman to bring his creation to life. A seat where a gentleman could sit without wrinkling his clothes. Thus, the Chesterfield style was born, which is still talked about today. How does this English model remain timeless?

The interest of leaning towards a sofa or armchair in the Chesterfield style

Chesterfield sofas and armchairs are a symbol of English furniture. They have an exceptional quality and are original. A sofa of noble and refined quality, the name Chesterfield is still appreciated by everyone today. Its elegance that lives from period to period. Due to its originality, which makes it timeless, the Chesterfield armchair is valued and sought after by collectors or antique lovers. This vintage icon is reborn in a wide variety. Thus, classic but also limited models are highlighted in this range. Chesterfield furniture is made of resistant and refined materials, combining robustness and finesse of the English style. With the website you could choose between an individual Chesterfield chair, a 2-seater Chesterfield sofa or a 3-seater Chesterfield sofa. A wide variety of colours are also available such as black, gold, red or cognac.

The particularity of the Chesterfield models

Chesterfield sofas have been specifically designed in a vintage style. Indeed, its armrests are rounded and are of the same level as its backrest and nailing. On the one hand, the finish of this sofa is special because it is furnished with nails in its rows. On the other hand, it is fully buttoned. These pimples are absorbed towards the inside of the fabric. The polyester foam padding has replaced the original horsehair or silk and goose feather padding for the cushions. These sofas symbolize the pride of the British nobility. With a vintage look, the Chesterfield style is imposing thanks to its authenticity. The legs of sofas or armchairs are made of solid wood resistant to any weight, a detail that distinguishes the real English brand from the copies. Chesterfield leather is a model in demand around the world. Indeed, it stands out from the imitations with its thick, dark brown leather cowhide. The richness and details of the headquarters also explain its specificity. Apart from leather, other materials such as velvet have been used for its design over time. This remarkable style, despite its evolution, remains an English furniture primarily reserved for gentlemen. Chesterfield sofas or armchairs are also popular in London gentlemen's clubs.

The Chesterfield style or the nobility of a timeless English classic

Much more than just a word to associate with an armchair. The name Chesterfield has its own history. From the first model, which would have been created so that a "gentleman could sit gracefully without wrinkling his clothes", a trend is emerging that continues to this day. A chair with original features that retains its distinguished look over the years. A guarantee of refinement from the very beginning, this English armchair remains a classic piece of furniture today. In addition, the Chesterfield style sofa, sofa or armchair takes on various aspects. Nevertheless, it keeps its base which makes it a major piece of furniture for the English club sofa. Made of leather or velvet, white, dark brown or even purple, it has been worked by furniture craftsmen to follow the trends of the 21st century while preserving its unique and traditional style. All the changes made, both in terms of colours and materials used during these years, were inspired by the first model. Being exported to all the colonies of the British Empire, it hastily acquired an outstanding symbol of the English style. Very quickly, the Chesterfield sofas or Chesterfield armchairs became known throughout the world and its refinement remained timeless.
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