House insurance: how to choose the right one?

The products offered by insurance companies are constantly developing. Taking out insurance consists of paying a monthly amount as a contribution to be compensated in the event of a specific risk occurring. Various insurances can be taken out in the case of a home and whether you are an owner or a tenant. Indeed, it is not only the owner who can take out insurance. It can also be beneficial for the tenant who will be protected from potential risks.

Insurable property

Without this category, buildings, personal property and property for professional use (if the building is used as an office) are included. However, for buildings owned by the owner, it is possible to insure only a part and not all of them. Personal property such as furniture, personal effects of the insured and members of his family may also be covered in the event of a loss on the insured premises. Professional-use property includes furniture, tools, instruments used for the purposes of the insured function. Insured property, on the other hand, is only property reported by the subscriber. The insurance company declines to compensate those who are not included in the contract. An inventory and an inventory of fixtures are carried out beforehand with an expert in order to determine the contribution to be paid. Do not hesitate to visit insurance websites to learn more about different type of insurances.

Insurable damage

The choice of insurance may also cover the damage to be covered. For fire and explosion cover, the insurer covers the resulting material damage. Water damage cover covers the consequences in the event of this risk occurring (leakage, overflow of pipes, etc.). Theft coverages are chosen to cover the destruction, deterioration or disappearance of property following theft. There are also other possibilities such as vandalism guarantees, natural disaster guarantees, riot and popular movement insurance, etc.).

Insurable liabilities

Civil liability is also threatened if the risk occurs. However, insurance companies also offer appropriate insurance. The occupant's civil liability concerns his obligations towards the owner. In the event of a risk, the owner will receive compensation. Private liability allows the insured to compensate third parties in the event of bodily injury, material or immaterial damage. If the home is for professional use, in the event of a claim, it may not be able to be used to produce for a certain period, so the insurance compensates the company or the owner. Property and casualty insurance allow you to cover a home against several risks at once. Both property and persons can be insured. In this case, everything is done on a single contract. However, these insurances can be taken out separately and therefore on several contracts. In any case, a contract can be customized according to the needs of the person concerned. The contribution payable will then vary according to the risks covered and its probability of occurrence.
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