What are the advantages of car rental?

While car rental is an advantageous option for various reasons, given the growth of the collaborative economy and the multiplication of car-sharing platforms between individuals, car rental between individuals is also an option not to be ruled out. Discover the advantages of car rental!

Idea on the advantages of renting a car

First, if you choose to rent a car rather than buy, be aware that dealers, by underestimating the depreciation of a vehicle, offer you monthly payments, and these, so that the payments for a car are particularly low. Thanks to this offer, you have the possibility to rent a top-of-the-range and better equipped car. In a country like Canada, the Bugatti Veyron is valued at $1.6 million, which allows this car, capable of reaching 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, to become the most expensive car in the country. Thanks to car rental, you have the chance to rent new cars, even on a very limited budget. This is an undeniable advantage for those who want to buy new cars, especially in the event of financial difficulties. You will benefit from it at the same time while solving your money problems. At the end of your lease; normally, after a period of two to four years, you can change make and model of vehicle as you wish.

Advantages in case of car rental between private individuals

Given the multiplication of platforms for exchanges between private individuals, car rental between private individuals is becoming more and more advantageous. For the tenant, apart from the advantageous price, between 25 to 40% savings, he also benefits from the flexibility and availability of the owner, for example, by the possibility of scheduling an evening or weekend meeting. City dwellers benefit from the advantages of this car rental between private individuals because the offer is concentrated in the city. Please be aware that this type of contract is subject to obligations. First, the contract must provide for civil liability insurance. The owner must ensure that the driver is under 21 years of age and holds a B licence, obtained at least two years ago. In the event of a violation of a law or regulation, the insurance of the car rental site between private individuals offers full coverage.
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