Buying CBD-based products online

Cannabidiol or CBD and its by-products are on the rise today thanks to the potential benefits of hemp for well-being. It is indeed a real phenomenon to such an extent that many specialized stores appear everywhere and flourish more and more on the web. Despite its popularity, CBD-based products are still the subject of many questions such as: is it safe to order CBD online? Is it legal to buy such a product online? Why buy this kind of product online? Etc.

Are online CBD-based products legal?

Cannabidiol (CBD) should not be confused with cannabis, especially since the former is indeed legal in some forms in France while the latter is not. That being said, buying cbd online is a legal transaction. The reason is that CBD is only one of the active substances derived from hemp. Such a substance, unlike THC, is not accompanied by any psychoactive effect and does not induce any euphoric or "floating" state. In addition, in France, the cultivation and exploitation of hemp for purely industrial and commercial purposes has been granted a derogation. This allows the use and extraction of hemp in the manufacture of consumer products. However, it should be stressed that CBD-based products, such as cbd flower, are legal in France provided that they comply with certain conditions: cannabidiol must only be extracted from authorised varieties of hemp; this substance must be extracted from hemp fibres and seeds; all products containing cannabidiol must in no case contain THC.

The different CBD-based products available online

Faced with strong consumer demand, CBD-based products available on the Internet are constantly multiplying and taking on different forms. Although they contain cannabidiol, these products do not all have the same characteristics and their varieties will allow consumers to choose the product that best meets their needs. Among the most popular CBD-based products online are CBD oils, pastes, foods, CBD capsules, cbd flower for those who like to smoke cbd, e-liquids or liquids for electric cigarettes, crystals, CBD sprays, creams, CBD-based cosmetics.

Is it safe to buy CBD products online?

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping among consumers, it must be admitted that this method of buying is not without its unpleasant surprises. This is especially true when you want to order cannabidiol products online. But although this is the case, the Internet is full of many resellers who only offer better quality products and varieties of products that have been certified. Thus, to find a trusted site, many are the criteria that buyers must pay attention to before buying cbd, namely the products available, the number of references, the price offered, the quality as well as the certification, the exhaustive descriptions of each product offered, the discretion of the said delivery, the respect of the delivery time, the customer service, etc.
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