Virtues of emerald stone in lithotherapy


Lithotherapy is an unconventional system of medicine that customs the energy and shades of stones to cure the body of illnesses and others.

Lithotherapy is derived from two words namely; litho therapy which means the use of the stone to treat ailments.

Stones together with minerals have ambiences and merits that can aid in eradicating physical and mental stress. Once these are worn as natural stone jewellery, they are alleged to treat the tissues to which they are linked to.

This system of medicine uses the power of natural stones to uphold balance amid the body, mind and spirit.

It benefits both at a bodily level, psychosomatic level and spiritual level. The power of stones imparts their chemical alignment, colour as well as their form.

Source and conformation of emerald stone

It originated from the silicate family and it’s distinct by its green shade. It’s composed of Chromium, iron and vanadium and these minerals are responsible for its colour. In fact, its pigmentation varies amid green-yellow besides green-blue and that’s what made it to be among the most precious stones.

When emerald stone exposed to fire, it turns its shade into a bright pearl green and with a solidity of over 7 on the Mohs balance, this impenetrable stone cracks like a shell, with a white line.

Even though it is present in more deposits worldwide, this precious stone is sporadic. It merely forms under definite geographical conditions.

Its constituents are found in diverse places, for instance, magma is found in the earth’s crust, whereas chromium, iron and vanadium are found in the earth’s mantle.

There are also some weighty differences amid the deposits. In places like Brazil, the precious stone is slightly impure. In the cretaceous era, the magma in the depressions of the marine remnant was capable of modelling crystals of incredible purity.

Litho medicinal properties of emerald stone

This stone contributes to correlation harmony in families, relationship circles or among lovers. In relationships, it ripens honesty and appreciation. It brings countless inner serene and relaxes unnecessary desires.

It boosts altruism and candidness to others and therefore underpins collaboration and solidarity. This stone also contributes to the firmness of enduring conflicts. It can as well assist those with claustrophobic conditions. Remember, this precious stone also emboldens learning and perfects memory.

For those who are not aware of the power of this stone, get it all right. This stone discharges a variety of illnesses. Assisting in reinforcing the immune system, this stone plays a weighty role in the treatment of viral contagions such as angina, influenza and others.

Its calming effect on the gastrointestinal is also celebrated besides, this stone also aids in the purification of the liver plus pancreas.

The authority of this stone is further noted on visualization illnesses, like cataracts. Individuals with epilepsy in addition to diabetics treasure liberation in the usage of this precious stone. It can safeguard the joints in addition to maintaining the spine.

Its favourable result on heart complications is similarly well-documented. In general, this stone permits a better retrieval of physical knacks and is acclaimed for patients.

This stone is among the chief coloured stones in the world although Rubies plus sapphire are as well counted among the chief shaded gemstones. This rock is an offshoot of beryl which is a mineral that amalgams aluminium plus beryllium. One can not only garb this stone for zodiacal benefits but also for custom style tenacities.

It is also considered as a birthstone to people born in the month of May. So if you’re born in this particular month, this beautiful stone is your birthstone and it’s full of luck.

Regarding the astrological calendar, Mercury is the sovereign planet of this stone and being that Gemini in addition to Virgo is run by Mercury, therefore, this stone is the precious stone for these zodiac signs.

In case you are born in the following months; May, June, August and September, then you can garb this particular green stone.

The super benefits recorded

In case your child is feeble and is having difficulty concentrating on his or her studies then this precious stone can be a powerful stone for them.

This stone is also termed as Panna and it’s known to improve the intelligence as well as the concentration capability of the student.

This stone also has an impact on the grasping power of a learner and it can help them to perform excellently in exams.

It is a special gemstone for those working in the art industry. In case you have an interest in the following career; music industry, fashion designer, watercolour, interior designer and others, you ought to wear this precious stone for the reason that, it is a stone of the planet Mercury.

This stone is known to help the wearer in getting novel ideas together with inventions. With it, the wearer can outshine the competition.

It is also termed as a stone of communication. This is for the reason that, it can help the wearer to express her points in an understandable way. So leaders of diverse areas can wear this precious stone in order to attain victory in life.

The positive energy and vibes of this particular stone enhance the authority of the leaders. And the wearer can impress others with words and even thoughts.

During the interview, this stone is full of luck and you can clear everything within a shorter time.

Just as mentioned above, Panna stone has healing powers so in case an individual is suffering from illnesses like allergies, breathing difficulty, skin infection and central nervous system disorders, she or he ought to wear it.

Panna is a wonderful stone for people suffering from communication difficulties.

According to the astrologist view, Panna stone has the ability to protects a person from his or her enemies.

Panna can be worn in the form of a ring and just as a bracelet.

And with it, no negative power has the authority to cause harm.

This stone is also considered a wonderful stone for running businesses. It has been proved to reduce the possibility of incurring losses. Thus it can help businessmen to face any difficulty with courage and come out of it successfully. This precious stone can eradicate emotional pain and other circulatory ailments.

It offers firm intuition authority and enables the wearer to take only the right decisions.

Panna stone originates from different places so before you buy, you ought to check the certificate of their originality.

Almost all Panna stone offered are of high quality so feel free to choose your preferred type.

What makes Panna stone Special?

Panna stone has a unique feature in the world of natural stones. Together with diamonds, sapphires and rubies, Panna stone has a long history cheers to its distinct green colour.

What grants Panna stones their amazing green colour are none other than traces of chromium.

Panna stones are rare to get and for it to form a lot of things has to go right.

The forces of gravity have to play a role of bringing together rare elements such as beryllium, chromium and others under high temperature and atmospheric pressure. That’s not enough as the cooling process has to kick in order to create the massive crystals.

Panna stone of this quality is seldomly found, unlike other precious gemstones. Therefore, the colour and shape of Panna stone is an indicator of quality.

Extremely clean stones are known to have a super brilliance and when this sparkle is blended with intense green colour, its quality is superb.

Panna stone has a unique colour but the sparkle varies from one Panna stone to another.

If the colour is extra dark, the stone rarely shine when worn and when the colour is lighter, it loses its identity

Even though Panna stone is not as hard as diamond, it lasts for long periods of time.

It is Undeniable that some jewelry when exposed to environmental factors, they scratch. This is not the case to Panna stone as it’s known to resist abrasion.

If you are not knowledgeable about Panna stone, you need to look for experts to give you the best.

Factor to consider while buying its products

There are some things you ought to remember while buying Panna stone. They are as follows;

The most vital one to consider is the colour. All Panna stone is green, so if the stone you’re buying isn’t green, then it’s not Panna stone

Another thing to keep in mind is its fissures and unlike diamond, these stone fissures make it distinct.

The Panna stone is soft in nature and has some inclusions. If the product offered to you is perfect, then it’s not Panna stone.

Another thing you ought to consider is the kind of treatment it offers plus its originality.

Rank on the Mohs Scale is as well an important factor to consider. Real Panna stone ranges between 7.5 to 8.

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