Discovery of a cultural identity

In addition to eating it to keep strong and alive, food and eating practices are also the hallmarks of a cultural identity. It differs according to region, continent, tradition and religion. Eating local specialities is an unforgettable experience and should be done even once in a lifetime. When travelling in a foreign country, it is difficult not to be tempted by the local cuisine. The discovery of new tastes and flavours can be a source of indescribable joy. Being receptive to new developments does not prevent us from remembering that food is a fundamental marker of identity and culture.

A respect is required

Food practices and food are the result of a set of uses, traditions, prohibitions and symbols that must be known. Otherwise, failure to respect these customs will lead to misunderstanding or even unintentional offense. Nor should it lead to recklessness. Indeed, when travelling, vigilance in the face of new food practices must be considered because a sudden change in food can disrupt fragile organisms. Moreover, in countries where hygiene is not the same as in Western countries, it is preferable to take a few precautions rather than to suffer digestive disorders for several days that are difficult to control.

Foreign food during a trip

A delight to taste absolutely Being in contact with a completely different culture Foods come from different cultures that have evolved in a given country or region. Another way of life They also reflect a people's or nation's way of life according to the tastes and ingredients used.

A new lifestyle

Tasting a foreign local cuisine is like tasting a new lifestyle that you have never experienced before. Understanding others When travelling, appreciating foreign food and traditional dishes from a country is a way to understand the people of that country, their history and even their economic situation. Food: a cultural identity to be discovered When travelling in a foreign country, it is difficult not to succumb to the culinary specialities of a country. More than a taste that will remain in your mouth and will be a memory of a journey in the long term, everywhere in the world, food intake is a social act. It is a time of conviviality during which members of a community or family meet. Also, it could be a time for exchange and getting to know each other.

Foods to consume

The food consumed during a trip abroad depends on local resources. It is also possible to map the most consumed foods in some countries or continents. In addition, sociological and cultural factors can influence food choice. The preparation In addition to the nature of a food, each country or region of the world has its own habits regarding how it is cooked and how to accommodate it. The spices and condiments used to modify the flavour of food are countless. How to eat meals The way meals are eaten is becoming more and more homogeneous, whether it is eating on a carpet in a Berber tent or on a sealskin in an igloo is less and less frequent. The use of Western-style tables and chairs is an increasingly common practice. The cutlery The use of the spoon is widespread and has been for a long time. However, each country has its own habits. There are those who do not use forks or knives, those who use chopsticks or even fingers in some Asian countries.

Food reflects the standard of living

The standard of living is an essential criterion for choosing a food according to its cost and nutritional value. As a result, low-cost, high-calorie cereals are the basis for many traditional dishes. New foods in fashion The level of education and fashion also play an important role in a country's eating habits. With the promotion of the American dream, for example, hamburgers and Coca-Cola have largely overtaken the United States. Religious criteria also set food bans such as pork, alcohol... as well as preparation methods such as kosher or halal. Precautions to be taken In order to avoid bacteria, viruses or parasites that may be present in local water and therefore in food washed or prepared with it, very hot, well-cooked food and bottled drinks should always be preferred.
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