Why and how to become a professional coach?

Because the coaching profession is not yet well regulated in France, almost everyone wants to practice this profession. It has even become fashionable in the present time. Currently, there are more than 1000 coaches in France. It is indeed enormous, and it undermines the true meaning of the word. Hence the interest to follow a coach training to stand out from other coaches. This vocation for professionalism was born in 2012 by a few organizations that subsequently created a platform to determine together a vision of coaching. To develop your motivation to become a professional coach, discover the benefits of training before you start working in this profession.

Why become a professional coach?

The coaching profession is a human profession. In other words, it is a constructive profession that empowers others so that they can find their place in life. This is a very noble way to support humanist value. However, having a sense of humanity is one thing, but having the necessary skills is another. So, to ensure a certain level of quality, you must undergo coaching training. The interest in investing in professional coaching training is based on technical and behavioural aspects in order to have a concrete impact on community development. Aware of the importance of professional certification, companies are increasingly demanding certification from coaches. The choice of such training is written for yourself and others. Go to this site, to take care of his days in a dynamic and lively way.

How to become a professional coach?

Becoming a certified coach is not just a job, it is a vital issue. Indeed, many people present themselves as coaches without realizing the true meaning of the job. Be aware that having general knowledge is not enough to do this job. Coaching is a profession that requires a lot of practice, learning and constant experience. So, to go to the end of this logic, following a professional coach training is very important. Practice is also strongly recommended. Indeed, learning is not only done in school. Moreover, it takes at least 3,000 hours of practice before you can be recognized as a professional coach. Therefore, the choice of a school is very important. Favour well-specified, practice-oriented training. Don't lose sight of the fact that a simple diploma and certification is not enough. The promise of a real training centre is based on training, a lot of practice and a competency test.

Motivations to become a professional coach

The motivations that drive people to become professional coaches are multiple. Unfortunately, it is not available to everyone. Certain qualities are required, namely: vocation, idealism, money... Indeed, some people feel the need to help others. This is a vocation. Thus, the desire to become a coach comes naturally to them. Money is part of the motivation that drives people to become coaches. This job is very lucrative, because one hour of coaching is worth 40 to 300 euros depending on several conditions. For others, motivation comes from idealism. Indeed, some people want to imitate the model of their old one.
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